Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day

So in a few days it's Mother's Day. Well... For me it's Mother's Day part 1.. You see, I live in a city which always had a way of going against the flow; a bit stubborn you might say. Others in Belgium might call us arrogant. You might compare it to the view Americans have about New Yorkers. So anyway, on May 12 it's Mother's Day in the majority of the world, the US and Belgium, ... except in Antwerp. People in this city have celebrated Mother's day, for a hundred years now, on August 15.

The average dad might start shivering in fear and dread..."Another date to remember!! Oh No!!" It is, .. it is .. but come on. If you're reading this blog I might presume that you are somewhat capable of handling computers, tablets, smartphones or whatever you use to read my scribblings. I'm pretty sure that little gadget you're using has a calendar in it... No excuses anymore to forget a day like Mother's Day, your anniversary, your wife's birthday or your mother-in-law's birthday.

So how do I do it? Do we celebrate it 2 times a year? Does J. get a present 2 times a year for the same effort... Hell no... You see, having an international family is sometimes difficult, but it can also hand you the solutions on a platter and it makes you look like the best husband in the world (and the best son in the world).

Since J. is American, we stick to the 2nd Sunday in May for her. That day is her day, completely, unconditionally. She doesn't have to share it with my mother, who of course requires attention as well on Mother's Day. On August 15, my mother gets the full Mother's Day treatment and she doesn't have to share it with J. That's how you sell a thing like this. "Hunny, I've been thinking. Doing this Mother's Day 2 times a year takes away from the importance of it. I think we should seperate it in having a full day for you and a full day for my mother. This way I can focus completely on you." . "My god, that is so thoughtful of you.".


So in a few days I will give J. all the attention she rightfully deserves and it will be her Mother's Day.

And for the future dads out there: you totally need to buy a present for your pregnant wife...

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